Wild vegetable dishes (Boys' Festival)

We use the fresh green mountains of abundance abundantly and are filled with vegetable incense. In Yamagata Tsukiyama starts snow melting from the foot of the area from April to July. Then the wild plants and green of the young buds come out one by one from the bottom of the snow one by one. Even if spring passes, you can enjoy wild vegetarian dishes until the snow of the mountain is completely solved.
Available: Late April–late June

Wild vegetable (sansai) dishes are food culture from Yamagata that have been continuously handed down through generationsTamaki's role is to share the local culinary culture of Yamagata that makes the most of wild vegetables.

When the snow on Mt. Gassan in Yamagata begins melting at the mountain skirts around April to July as spring turns to early summer, wild vegetables under the snow send out green, young buds one after another, and the wild vegetable season starts in earnest. These mountain blessings of wild vegetables are carefully picked and prepared in a unique way at Tamaki to serve our diners dishes rich with the aroma of green vegetables. During wild vegetable season, numerous devotees from within and without the prefecture come in search of wild vegetables, the taste of spring in Yamagata.

Meal price list for wild vegetable dishes

Fully appreciate wild vegetable dishes to your heart's content.

Meals require reservations in advance.
  • Sansaizanmai course11,000 yen
  • Kunpu course8,800 yen
  • Shungyo course7,700 yen
  • Recommended Wakaba course6,600 yen
  • Ajisai course5,500 yen
  • Kuchinashi course4,400 yen
  • Prices for each course include tax.
  • A separate 10% service fee is charged.

Meals for children

We serve meals for children prepared with seasonal foods that include choices popular with children, such as hamburger steak. Please request a child's meal when making a reservation.

山菜料理 お子様御膳|玉貴
  • Child's meal1,650 yen
  • Child's meal2,200 yen
  • Child's meal2,750 yen
  • Prices for each course include tax.
  • A separate 10% service fee is charged.

Carefully selected wild vegetables and other foods

We carefully select bounty from the mountains such as wild vegetables and mushrooms nurtured by the vast nature of Yamagata, as well as sweetfish, eel, and other foods nourished by the clean, clear water of the Sagae River.

  • Shiode (greenbriar)

    Called the king of wild vegetables, new shoots that have grown just the right amount are tasty, but very difficult to find, so only a small amount is available. It is also called mountain asparagus.

  • Takenoko (bamboo shoots)

    Gassandake, bamboo shoots from Mt. Gassan, have white flesh generously covered with a reddish hue. The valued vegetable has a flavor not found in other regions.

  • Taranome (Aralia sprout)

    This wild vegetable has a unique richness and tender texture unlike other wild vegetables and is very popular.

  • Warabi (bracken)

    This extremely popular wild vegetable regularly appears at dinner tables in Yamagata. Many love its unique slippery texture and flavor.

  • Koshiabura (Chengiopanax sciadophylloides)

    Called the queen of wild vegetables, this prized vegetable takes effort to find even on Mt. Gassan. Eating it as tempura is recommended.

  • Wild sculpin

    A rare treat nurtured in the clear, clean waters of the Sagae River, this fish is served deep fried and grilled with salt.

  • Takenoko-jiru

    This miso soup made with a generous amount of bamboo shoots harvested on Mt. Gassan features the soft flesh of the bamboo and a rich flavor.

  • Wild sweetfish

    Sweetfish are nourished by the clear waters of the Sagae River. A round belly and a clear yellow marking to the side of the gills attests to the fact that the fish was nourished by clear waters. They have the perfect size, flavor, and nutrition.

Accommodating various events

Tamaki can accommodate a variety of events such as the following.

  • Birthday parties
  • Reunions
  • Welcome/farewell parties
  • Silver/gold wedding anniversary celebrations
  • Wedding anniversary celebrations
  • School admission/graduation, employment celebrations
  • Entertaining/meetings
  • Longevity celebrations (60th, 70th, 77th, 80th, 81st, 88th, 90th, 99th, 100th)

Sake and beverages


We have an array of beverages, including local sake, local beers, and wine produced in the prefecture. Try our aged Tamaki Original Yamabudo Eki (wild grape wine) as an aperitif to further enhance the flavor of the cuisine.

  • Takagi BreweryJuyondai Honmaru, Juyondai Tatsu no Otoshigo
  • Dewazakura Sake BreweryYukimanman Daiginjo, Ichiro Junmai Daiginjo
  • Gassan Sake BreweryHitokoe, Tamaki Original Junmai Sake
  • Chiyokotobuki Toraya BreweryJunmai Ginjo, Tamaki Original Shochu
  • Tamaki OriginalYamabudo Eki, Kokuwashu, Matatabishu, Umeshu, Nanakamadoshu, Mamushishu
*A variety of other beverages are also available in addition to those listed above.

Group shuttle bus

送迎バス|山菜料理 玉貴

A shuttle bus is available by request for groups arriving for various events, such as dinner parties, Buddhist memorials, and weddings. Feel free to request the shuttle bus when making a reservation.