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Take the time to enjoy everything Tamaki has to offerAppreciate the four seasons of Yamagata and seasonal local dishes.

Tamaki always provides superior hospitality in the ultimate setting. You can view the four seasons from dining rooms that allow you to fully appreciate the wonder of Yamagata, and the blessings of the mountains such as wild vegetables and mushrooms nourished by nature in Yamagata.

  • While looking down on the Sagae River and the skirts of the famous Mt. Gassan, together with the scenic landscape you can enjoy dishes of wild vegetables harvested in all four seasons, as well as dishes of river fish such as char and sweetfish nourished by clear waters.
  • As the distribution of goods via the Mogami River developed, cultural articles were brought from Kyoto, and many still remain in Yamagata Prefecture. This collection highlights hina dolls from different years that have been carefully preserved even today in homes from throughout the prefecture.
  • When the snow on Mt. Gassan begins to melt, animals and plants that lay dormant in the forest start stirring, and you can hear the sounds of living creatures throughout the garden. Around the time flowers begin to bloom, nature's colorful landscape comes alive with different hues as the long-awaited spring arrives.
  • The five seasonal festivals in Japan and seasonal dishes from Tamaki bring people together. The five seasonal festivals—Jinjitsu no Sekku (Person Day), Joshi no Sekku (Doll's Festival), Tango no Sekku (Boys' Festival), Tanabata no Sekku (Star Festival), and Kiku no Sekku (Chrysanthemum Festival)—are all celebrated with seasonal dishes from Tamaki.
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