Enjoy wild side dishes from spring to early summer, mushrooms dishes from summer to autumn and delicious cuisine that boasts Tamaki boasting of Yamagata's freshest seasonal mountains.

Sharing Japanese food culture with Japan and the world

We offer unique hospitality presented through foods and
preparation methods that can only be enjoyed in this season, in this location.

'Washoku,' an intangible cultural heritage and the pinnacle of Japanese food culture

'Washoku,' or Japanese cuisine, has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage and recently has become even more captivating as an experience Japan shares with others. In particular, 'kaiseki ryori' (full-course meal) is an example of the pinnacle of the varied Japanese food culture. Since ancient times, kaiseki ryori has been a banquet served at celebrations, drinking parties, and various events. Generally, the courses are comprised of appetizers, broth, sashimi, roasted food, simmered food, a vinegared/marinated dish, rice, and a sweet. Diners sit down with important individuals to have congenial conversations and experience each and every dish with their 5 senses. The impressive and exciting tradition is truly a cultural experience.

Amid the lush cycle of the four seasons, the people of Japan revere the mountains, look out onto the sea, and live in the countryside. This nature provides fresh foods found far and wide at different times. The word 'washoku' encompasses an expansive culture. Tamaki offers unique hospitality presented through foods, preparation methods, and presentation that can only be enjoyed in this season, in this location. It gives our staff great satisfaction to see our guests delight in the culinary blessings of Mazawa and Yamagata that directly evoke the seasons when at their most delicious.

  • Dishes rich with the aroma of green vegetables are prepared with an abundance of new greenery, blessings from the mountains. The snow on Mt. Gassan in Yamagata begins melting from the mountain skirts around April to July. This prompts the wild vegetables under the snow to send out green, young buds one after another. Mountain vegetable dishes can be enjoyed even after spring up until all the snow on the mountain has melted.
  • This is the most popular course of dishes at Tamaki. Charming hina dolls peek out at you here and there on the table. Since this meal is served only in spring, guests dine while looking at tiered galleries of dolls during the Doll's Festival and enjoy culinary creations that are not only appetizingly palatable, but also visually elegant, beautiful images of both spring and the hina dolls passed down throughout generations in Yamagata.
  • On a hot's summer day, you want to relax in coolness. We offer dishes that fulfill that desire with summer foods presented in a refreshing arrangement. The pleasing dishes are accented with safflower, the flower of Yamagata.
  • A generous amount of mushrooms, which are the flavor of fall in Yamagata, are used in dishes rich with the aroma of the mountain. Satisfy your appetite with what Yamagata has to offer.
  • Yamagata Beef is a brand of 'wagyu' (Japanese beef) distinguished by full flavor and mild fat. Dishes made with Yamagata Beef can be enjoyed throughout the year, and diners can indulge in meals that include the classic 'sukiyaki,' as well as 'shabu shabu' and steak.
  • Ring in the New Year with special New Year's foods from Tamaki served in multi-tiered food boxes. The New Year's culinary treats creatively incorporate an abundance of wild vegetables and mushrooms. Enjoy them surrounded by family and celebrate the new year with a rainbow of delectables. Or, give it to someone special as a gift they will delight in.