Information on
Seiryu Teien Sansai Ryori
- Service Information -

Tamaki serves welcoming cuisine prepared
with wild vegetables, mushrooms,
and other fresh ingredients harvested
from the mountains of Yamagata where nature abounds.


Osechi cooking reservation accepted

It is a traditional Osechi cuisine full of originality that
introduced wild vegetables and mushrooms abundantly.
As there are limited numbers, please reserve as soon as possible.


Seasonal DishesSeasonal Dishes

We serve the finest dishes featuring seasonal foods in spring, summer, winter, and fall.

Buddhist MemorialsBuddhist Memorials

Tamaki staff provide respectful assistance for Buddhist Memorials,
a time to think about bygone days and solemnly remember the deceased.


Tamaki Buddhist Memorials for remembering the deceased

Family and relatives gather to remember the deceased and deepen bonds while reminiscing about memories from days gone by. At Tamaki, we help you spend heartfelt moments by providing warm hospitality and thoughtfully prepared dishes amid an atmosphere of tranquility and peace.


Dishes for Buddhist Memorials carefully created with seasonal ingredients

Buddhist Memorials bring people together to deepen ties and pray for the soul of the deceased. Tamaki warmly welcomes you with dishes prepared with carefully selected seasonal foods from Yamagata and excellent local sake. We offer a heartwarming experience enveloped by the clear waters of Sagae River and the nature of Yamagata.

Festive CuisineFestive Cuisine

We offer dishes for celebrations such as engagements, weddings, and births.