It is possible to use a wide range from banquets such as law and wedding · wedding ceremony to the party. Please enjoy yourselves with Tamaki's pride cuisine by all means.

Welcoming gatherings of important guests with Japanese hospitalityTamaki cordially offers assistance with important celebrations
such as engagements and weddings.

We are devoted to creating special occasions with dishes prepared using an abundance of exquisite seasonal foods from Yamagata at important moments such as an engagement and wedding that celebrate a happy couple's new start, the Momoka Celebration held for a child's healthy growth, entertaining/meetings, reunions, and welcome/farewell parties.

  • We celebrate the happy couple's new start and the boundless happiness of the families by providing hospitality that satisfies both your eyes and your palate with Japanese-style cuisine.
  • We provide premium hospitality through Momoka Celebration dishes crafted to help pray with family for the healthy growth of your child and enjoy a special occasion with your family.
  • Fully experience the traditional flavors of Yamagata in a special setting where you can appreciate a view of the lush landscape and the murmuring of the river while enjoying gatherings such as entertaining/meetings, reunions, and welcome/farewell parties.