Mushroom dishes (Chrysanthemum Festival)

It is a dish that you can fully enjoy using Yamagata's autumn taste, mushrooms, to fully enjoy the rich fragrance of the mountain. Please enjoy the maximum of Yamagata food.
Available: Mid August–late December

The mushroom season arrives together with brilliant autumn colorsRelish the flavors of rare mushrooms nurtured by the nature of Mt. Gassan.

Mushroom season begins around the time the autumn colors appear on Mt. Gassan. At Tamaki, these dishes are second in popularity only to our wild vegetable dishes, and many people come from far and wide in fall just for these seasonal flavors. In addition, since many of Mt. Gassan's mushrooms are rare and generally difficult to acquire, you can eat your fill of amazing flavors not available anywhere else.

Meal price list for Chrysanthemum Festival and mushroom dishes

A generous amount of mushrooms, which are the flavor of fall in Yamagata, are used in dishes rich with the aroma of the mountain.

Meals require reservations in advance.
きのこ料理|山菜料理 玉貴
  • Kinokozanmai course11,000 yen
  • Kikyo course8,800 yen
  • Koyo course7,700 yen
  • Kiku course6,600 yen
  • Akizakura course5,500 yen
  • Nadeshiko course4,400 yen
  • Prices for each course include tax.
  • A separate 10% service fee is charged.

Meals for children

We serve meals for children prepared with seasonal foods that include choices popular with children, such as hamburger steak. Please request a child's meal when making a reservation.

山菜料理 お子様御膳|玉貴
  • Child's meal1,650 yen
  • Child's meal2,200 yen
  • Child's meal2,750 yen
  • Prices for each course include tax.
  • A separate 10% service fee is charged.

Carefully selected mushrooms and other foods

We carefully select bounty from the mountains such as wild vegetables and mushrooms nurtured by the vast nature of Yamagata, as well as sweetfish, eel, and other foods nourished by the clean, clear water of the Sagae River.

  • Hatakeshimeji (fried chicken mushroom)

    Like 'honshimeji' (Lyophyllum shimeji), these delicious, firm mushrooms pair perfectly with any food.

  • Hokitake (cauliflower coral)

    As its name implies, this mushroom has a unique shape, but is mild. It is popular and used in dishes such as marinated dishes, simmered dishes, and hot pot dishes.

  • Senbonshimeji (Lyophyllum fumosum)

    These mushrooms are extremely rare and thus of high value as there is a limited number of days they can be harvested. Firm with a good mouthfeel, they are great for a wide range of dishes, including cooked with rice, hot pot dishes, marinated dishes, and soups.

  • Tobitake (Meripilus giganteus)

    This mushroom is the first to be harvested in mushroom season. It is characterized by the fact that it darkens when bruised by touch, cooking, etc.

  • Various mushrooms

    A variety of wild mushrooms are picked locally. The amount harvested depends on the year.

  • Wild eel

    Highly nutritious wild eel are carefully selected and served as one of our meticulously prepared flavors of fall.

  • Char dried in cold weather

    After char is lightly cooked over a charcoal fire, hot sake is poured over it to make sake flavored with grilled fish bone. This eliminates the smell particular to river fish and intensifies the flavor.

Accommodating various events

Tamaki can accommodate a variety of events such as the following.

  • Birthday parties
  • Reunions
  • Welcome/farewell parties
  • Silver/gold wedding anniversary celebrations
  • Wedding anniversary celebrations
  • School admission/graduation, employment celebrations
  • Entertaining/meetings
  • Longevity celebrations (60th, 70th, 77th, 80th, 81st, 88th, 90th, 99th, 100th)

Sake and beverages


We have an array of beverages, including local sake, local beers, and wine produced in the prefecture. Try our aged Tamaki Original Yamabudo Eki (wild grape wine) as an aperitif to further enhance the flavor of the cuisine.

  • Takagi BreweryJuyondai Honmaru, Juyondai Tatsu no Otoshigo
  • Dewazakura Sake BreweryYukimanman Daiginjo, Ichiro Junmai Daiginjo
  • Gassan Sake BreweryHitokoe, Tamaki Original Junmai Sake
  • Chiyokotobuki Toraya BreweryJunmai Ginjo, Tamaki Original Shochu
  • Tamaki OriginalYamabudo Eki, Kokuwashu, Matatabishu, Umeshu, Nanakamadoshu, Mamushishu
*A variety of other beverages are also available in addition to those listed above.

Group shuttle bus

送迎バス|山菜料理 玉貴

A shuttle bus is available by request for groups arriving for various events, such as dinner parties, Buddhist memorials, and weddings. Feel free to request the shuttle bus when making a reservation.