We help celebrate the happy couple's new start.

Memorable weddings in Japanese kimono in a venue surrounded by the beautiful nature of YamagataWe help celebrate the happy couple's new start.

Our beautiful garden is enveloped in the echoes of the graceful Sagae River. We celebrate the happy couple's new start and the boundless happiness of the families by providing a blissful, brilliant celebration. Against a backdrop of clear waters and a lovely garden, our Japanese-style dishes will satisfy both your eyes and your palate. Lately Japanese-style celebrations have garnered attention, and we can accommodate various celebratory styles. Let us make your day special.

Engagements/Japanese-style weddings/receptions

The Japanese wedding features traditional beauty unique to Japan. The grandeur of the bride's wedding costume, the solemn atmosphere, and elegance of the kimono move everyone in attendance.

ご結納・ご結婚|山菜料理 玉貴 ご結納・ご結婚料理|山菜料理 玉貴

Meeting of the parents

We provide a private room that allows both families to relax without interruption.

Engagement ceremonies at Tamaki

The engagement ceremony firmly brings together both families. At Tamaki, we can help prepare the engagement gifts. Please feel free to inquire about it.


Tables and Western-style seating are available.

Reception meals

We do our best to ensure you have a joyous, memorable occasion that is special by offering delicious food, a comfortable setting, and warm hospitality.

Sake and beverages


We have an array of beverages, including local sake, local beers, and wine produced in the prefecture. Try our aged Tamaki Original Yamabudo Eki (wild grape wine) as an aperitif to further enhance the flavor of the cuisine.

  • Takagi BreweryJuyondai Honmaru, Juyondai Tatsu no Otoshigo
  • Dewazakura Sake BreweryYukimanman Daiginjo, Ichiro Junmai Daiginjo
  • Gassan Sake BreweryHitokoe, Tamaki Original Junmai Sake
  • Chiyokotobuki Toraya BreweryJunmai Ginjo, Tamaki Original Shochu
  • Tamaki OriginalYamabudo Eki, Kokuwashu, Matatabishu, Umeshu, Nanakamadoshu, Mamushishu
*A variety of other beverages are also available in addition to those listed above.

Group shuttle bus

送迎バス|山菜料理 玉貴

A shuttle bus is available by request for groups arriving for various events, such as dinner parties, Buddhist memorials, and weddings. Feel free to request the shuttle bus when making a reservation.